Frequently Asked Questions

At The Studio Empower, our instructors utilize a method known as Lagree Fitness™. Put simply, LAGREE Fitness™ is the only workout that EFFECTIVELY combines Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Core and Flexibility training not only in 1 session but in each and every move through the use of our state of the art machine called the M3, the latest edition of the Megaformer. It combines the strengthening and toning benefits of weight training and the lengthening and postural enhancing benefits of Pilates in a circuit training sequence. Each upper body and core exercise lasts 1 minute, while each lower body exercise is worked for 2 minutes. With super slow movements, the muscle is worked until fatigued, before moving onto the next. This, along with quick transition times between exercises, keeps the heart rate up and burns extra calories making it a great cardio workout as well. The routines incorporate exercises such as push-ups, lunges (and yes, planks); however, the support of the M3™, eliminates the pressure on joints and the spine. It provides maximum results in minimal time and we know you will find yourself addicted in no time when you can physically see the changes in your body’s strength as it develops. It will amaze you!

The key to the results lies in this formula: (High Intensity Exercises) + (Balanced Movements) + (Proper Recuperation) = Improved Performance and Improved Body Composition

LAGREE Fitness™ keeps the muscle under constant tension throughout the entire duration of the slow movement exercise. The muscles are not allowed to relax for even a fraction of a second during the movement because once they do, the set loses its efficiency. By reaching muscle failure, the body is forced to build additional muscle fibers. The results? The body increases its metabolic rate which translates into an elevated rate of energy consumption = body transformation and long, lean, muscle mass!

Expect 45 minutes of heart-pumping music, muscle quivering, and total body strengthening, lengthening and toning in an inspiring, small-group setting (only up to 11 people per class.) Since there are only 11 Megaformer M3™ machines it is so important to register in ADVANCE to ensure you have a spot reserved. Arrive 5-10 minutes early (we will give you a quick intro to the machine which is important to keep the class moving smoothly as well as for safety). Grip socks are required to wear on the machines. If you do not own a pair, they can be purchased for $15 at the studio.

Each core and upper body exercise is one minute long and lower body exercises are two minutes long. The class is 45 minutes so typically there is anywhere from 25-35 different exercises done during a class. The instructor will guide you through the class as you move through each exercise together as a group. We work on each muscle group at a time and stay there until that muscle is exhausted. You will feel the burn (and leg shaking is common!!) That is when you know it is working! This is an efficient way to build long lean muscle and to burn fat. At the end of the class, you will have some time to stretch. Then we ask you to gently wipe down your machine wherever your hands or feet touched and put the cables/straps & pole back where they were when you arrived! You will leave feeling like you accomplished something for YOU as you carry through the rest of your day!

The Megaformer M3 represents a significant evolution of the traditional Pilates reformer. This machine is the latest edition of the Megaformer family , newly released in January 2013. We are the only studio in New England to carry this equipment! It is designed to cater to both upper and lower body muscles, using a system of springs and pulleys to accommodate the resistance and counter-resistance elements of the workout. Under the guidance of your certified instructor, it’s one of the safest ways to strengthen your muscles while reducing stress on the joints and connective tissues.

It depends on your current fitness level. Most new students do fine in class, while others contact us to schedule a private to start. The workout is intense, but the routine is kept simple to make sure everyone is using good form. Each move can be modified to make it either harder or easier for the client, making it simple for individuals of all levels to participate in the same class. However, if you have chronic back pain, painful joints or a severe medical condition, it is recommended that you take a private session first to assess your fitness level. Please contact the studio at so that an instructor can help you to assess if a private session/s is needed.

You will burn 400-500 calories during class. Since it's a slow burn workout, the body will continue to burn calories for a few hours after!

Yes, we ask you to please create a profile & register for class in ADVANCE and to arrive at least 5 - 10 minutes before class to ask any additional questions and fill out the necessary paperwork. Be on time! If you show up after class has begun, you will lose that class as it is imperative that we give you an introduction to the Megaformer M3. Once class starts we do not stop so you must arrive early to receive this instruction so that class can run as smoothly as possible. Please note, our instructors open and close the studio so it is possible that you may arrive before them in rare instances. Don’t panic if the door is locked if you are early – they are on their way. Email us if you have any questions/concerns:

1. Bring a positive attitude. Leave all your worries behind. The class is for you. You need to be in a present state when working out to maximize the physical and mental benefits of the class.

2. Due to sanitary/safety reasons you are required to wear Grip socks during the workout for added traction. They are available for purchase at the studio for $15. Failure to wear them will result in forfeiture of class, so please do your absolute best to bring them!

3. We have a water cooler at the studio, but please bring a bottle for water to avoid wasting cups.

4. Wear comfortable clothes that allow your muscles to stretch and your skin to “breathe”, but nothing too loose that could get caught in the springs.

5. Jewelry is NOT a good idea. They could get caught in the springs.

6. Quiet voices if a class is in session when you arrive, please be mindful of their workout.

7. No cell phones during classes (please be respectful of others, and leave them in your bag.)

8. No strong perfumes as some clients are allergic.

9. Bring a valid credit card for when you need to buy grip socks or need to update your cc expiration date.

10. Classes begin and end on time. Please be prompt.

11. If you tend to sweat, please bring a towel with you.

- On the main menu click on "Book Classes".

- This will take you to our MindBody online booking system where you can make a purchase, schedule or cancel classes

- To make an account, Click on “Sign up!” in the top right corner

- Enter in the required information

You cannot register for a class until you complete a payment. Please register for classes online so that you can be sure to have a spot in class. There are only 11 machines so space is limited. Check the schedule frequently as classes are subject to change. Classes with 2 or fewer clients registered are subject to cancellation. If class is canceled, you will be notified in advance. Once you book a class, the system will email you to confirm your reservation (only if you are OPTED IN to our email which is recommended so that you do not miss any important information and occasional class specials!!) You can also check your schedule or CANCEL a class by going to ‘my info’ then ‘my schedule’ in your profile page. If you need to cancel a class, simply click cancel. This must be done 12 hours prior to class to avoid any penalties.

Sorry, all purchases are final, and are not transferable. Some of our memberships require signing a contract for auto-payments. Please make sure that you look these over carefully and fully understand the rules before signing them. If you need to PAUSE your 30 day pass, we allow a 1 time complimentary pause. Any additional holds can be made for a $20 fee.

The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue at which point you need to rest. Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your workout, you will need more or less time to recover. Most of our clients come 3x a week which allows the body to properly recover and repair. As you get stronger you will be able to tolerate more visits, some clients love the workout so much that they come 5 or 6 times a week. Only you know your body best!

Yes, you will be charged or will lose your class, even if it’s your first time. We require 12-hour notice before making any kind of changes to your schedule. The same rules apply even if you are making a change to your class time.

If a class is full, you may still sign up for the class. You click register/sign in and it will automatically enter you onto the wait list. If someone cancels BEFORE the 12 hour cancellation time, then the system will email you (only if you OPTED IN to our emails – Please make sure its checked in your profile) telling you that you are now in the class. This means that if you made another back up reservation that you must cancel it ASAP so that you do not lose that class. Once you are emailed from the system, you are in, so if you cannot make that class you must go into your schedule and cancel that. Please be sure to check your email if you register for the waitlist, since that is the only way the system can contact you. If you did not OPT IN for our automated emails (you should!) then you should check your profile if you waitlisted so that you can see if you are in the class. If it is listed under your schedule you are in, even if it says “unconfirmed.” Some people will put themselves on the waitlist in multiple classes in one day. It is up to you to cancel once you get into one. To cancel any classes you are on the waitlist for log into your profile, go to ‘my info’, ‘my schedule’ and click on the word ‘waitlist’ in the top right hand corner. Your waitlisted schedule will appear and you can cancel classes you were waitlisted for.

--30 Day Passes and Class Packs Session members will lose that session if cancelled within the 12 hours.

--Unlimited pass members will be charged a $15 late fee to their credit card on file if cancelled within the 12 hours. If you cancel within 2 hours of class starting or do not show, you will be charged $25.

--If it is your first $10 class, you will lose that class and be charged an additional $10. This includes making class time changes within 12 hours of your class time, because someone else may have wanted your spot in the class. No exceptions.

Please do not sign up for class at one time and show up at another, you will be charged for both if you did not cancel in time. If you need to cancel, log into your profile click on ‘my info’, ‘my schedule’ and hit ‘cancel.’ It is always a good idea to double check your schedule to make sure it went through. Emails and phone calls to tell us you cannot attend class are not acceptable forms of canceling since we will not receive them in time. You MUST do this online through your profile. Instructors are unable to take calls or questions during classes. Voicemail messages are checked throughout the day, but are not an acceptable means of cancellation. For the fastest response, simply e-mail us at We recommend that all of our clients become familiar with our automated MindBody online booking system. It is the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to book classes.

Unfortunately, no children are not allowed in the studio due to liability reasons.

No, there is not a shower available. There is a changing room available, as well as a bathroom available for clients located out the back door to the left and is located on your left. Ladies and Men’s keys can be found on top of the water cooler. The tiny bathroom in the studio is for employees only.

There are lots of choices for everyone! If you have an inconsistent schedule you should purchase one of our class packs as they don’t expire for a year (available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 packs.)

Our 30 day passes (4x, 8x and 12x per month) are the most economical, and are rather flexible. You can use the 4, 8 or 12 classes any way you like in 30 days and you can use them as much as you want in one week! Your 30 day pass is activated from your first class scheduled.

If you want to come more than 12x month, the best priced option is the $249 *3 month auto pay (found under our contracts) where you can attend up to once per day. We also have these (6) month options for the 8x/30 day pass ($150/mth) & 12x 30 day pass ($215/mth) for those who are ready to commit!

The more consistent you come, the quicker you will see results! Try your first class for $10! All of our instructors bring their own variety and teaching style to class so try them all and find your favorite!

Feel free to ask us which option may be best for you if you have any questions!

1. Go to our website, > Make a purchase tab > from the sub-menu select “Gift Cards”.

2. Enter your desired gift card amount in the $0.00 format.

3. Enter your name and the recipient's name in the "To" and “From" fields, respectively.

4. If you'd like to send the gift card via email, check the box. If selected, input the recipient's email address and you'll have the option to set when you'd like the gift card to be delivered by email.

5. Enter the "Title" that you would like to appear on the gift card. This is the message you want the card to say (ex. "Happy Birthday!")

6. If you'd like an additional personal message to appear on the gift card, enter that text next.

7. To further personalize the gift card, select an image that best suits your needs.

We are always happy to help you figure out what amount would be best for your friends and loved one’s so please don't hesitate to reach out to ask questions. That's what we're here for!