• Kimberly Owner

    Growing up, Kimberly played a lot of different sports, danced and has always been a cardio junkie. A few years ago, she had her first child, and, like most new moms, found herself more time-crunched than ever before to fit in fitness. Searching for a workout that she could do quickly but that would give her serious results, she came across Lagree Fitness and instantly fell in love! She's so excited to have brought this workout to Newton and help transform the lives of others!

  • Bobby Trainer

    Growing up, Bobby played a ton of sports and has always been a fitness fanatic. Clients describe him as motivating, upbeat, and it's clear that he's passionate about what he does. His classes are challenging yet he's excellent with a first timer or a seasoned vet. Always keeping it fresh with new exercises he helps keep your body guessing.

  • Fi Trainer

    Fi grew up in Ireland and has always prioritized physical fitness – high school athletics, volleyball and biking/hiking the mountains of Ireland and England. Fi’s classes are feisty and energized and she is both motivating and supporting, guiding clients to challenge themselves and up their own individual ante each time they work out. The classes are fast paced and fun and will definitely make you sweat.

  • Monika Trainer

    Monika’s mantra is that she can make a difference one person at a time. Through guidance, support, education and teaching, through making each client feel stronger, leaner, healthier, and more confident. The healthier her clients, the better decisions they make for themselves and the people surrounding them. Monika is a certified personal trainer and has fallen in LOVE with Lagree Fitness! The moves, the difficulty, and the difference she can feel in her body in such a short time!

  • Colleen Trainer

    Colleen has always been involved in fitness. After many years of running and marathons Colleen retired from running and discovered Pilates. From there her passion for fitness evolved and she started teaching Pilates, barre and soon discovered Lagree Fitness: A cardio, resistant workout that is kind on the joints, a retired runners dream! Her workouts will make you feel challenged but confident that you'll achieve your fitness goals through proper alignment and movement.

  • Mitchell Trainer

    All the way from Palo Alto, California Mitchell’s high energy, ridiculous analogies, and fun stories keep you entertained! Fitness runs in his blood, as he's been running, hiking, biking, and skiing with his family before he could walk. Mitchell played varsity basketball in high school, and currently rides with B.C. club cycling. After being introduced to the Lagree method, he found himself jumping higher and biking faster than ever before and was instantly hooked!

  • Liz Trainer

    Fitness came as a second career to Liz, though she finds teaching Group Exercise has a lot in common with teaching kindergarten! Lots of movement, enthusiasm, dedication and energy are needed for success in both. Liz began her fitness career by teaching Pilates, but just as it began to feel routinized-Lagree Fitness reignited her passion and challenged her body in a new way! Liz won’t let your mind wander, she will keep you focused and motivated so that every minute of class will be worthwhile!